Sharing my love of Tea

Why Tea is the Ultimate Beverage

Why Tea?

Simply put, Tea has been a comfort and life saver to me. I was introduced to tea in elementary school. My teacher created a taste of the world project where we were to bring a food dish or beverage that represents our culture or where we are from. A classmate bought Green Tea. I drank so much tea that day. I went home and told my mom, “I want to drink tea”. She would buy me green tea and jasmine tea. I remember the box that is still on shelves to this day. Forest green and gold. This little box made me feel special. My brothers left my tea alone and it was just for me. I believe this could be my first feeling of luxury. Tea.

Discovering the Art and Life of Tea

As I got older, I would try different blends, experiment with herbs in my kitchen cabinet. I remember drinking cups of tea through the hundred of books I would be lost in as a child, placing tea bags on my eye lids as a teen a tip I found in my studies, fighting cancer with burdock root tea and stunning my Doctor as a woman. I would spend hours learning about herbs and talking my friends ears off of all I learned. How tea is made in different cultures. What is considered Tea and different thoughts on what makes what is in your cup tea. I make tea the way I love to make tea, from my heart and what rings in my mind. Bringing comfort to dark times, healing me inside out and saving my life, Tea is a sacred act of love for myself. I can tell I am not myself when I have not had tea in some time. I feel energized and ready to live my best life when I have been consistent with my intake and rotating different blends to attack different health concerns. Bathing in tea feels like a total healing process. The aroma therapy, the feeling of warm luxury, the noticeable difference in the feeling of my skin, the peace of mind that I am literally in the process of healing. Not only is tea a delightful drink, but it also offers numerous health benefits. It's packed with antioxidants that help boost your immune system and fight off free radicals. Tea can also aid in digestion, promote weight loss, and improve heart health. With so many varieties to choose from, each with its own unique benefits, there's a tea for every ailment and every mood.

The Ritual of Tea

Tea is not just a drink; it's a ritual. The process of brewing tea, from selecting the herbs to steeping them in hot water, is a mindful and meditative practice. It's a moment of pause in our busy lives, a time to slow down and appreciate the simple pleasures. To give yourself the love you put out. To remember you are a part of the world, of nature. Whether you prefer a cozy afternoon tea or a morning pick-me-up, the ritual of tea can bring a sense of calm and tranquility to your day.

Explore the World of Tea with Me

Tea brings forth so many happy thoughts. I could have you here all day. Discussing blends I think would help, discussing herbs that you know of and how you use them, expressing the internal feelings I have when discussing each herb in depth. Nerd, yes. And it is a beautiful thing. The understanding that this planet nurtures us in so many ways, in all of the ways we need is remarkable. The fact that the knowledge of herbs brings people together, brings them comfort. (Sigh*) You have no idea how huge my smile is right now. I really geek out on the knowledge of herbs. My desire to learn and express my lessons in my everyday life is my driving force. It is a pleasure to open up and share with you “The Tea”. From tea rituals, tea lessons, my love of tea, experiments with blends (good or bad), and much more. Thank you for being here, I cannot wait to share this journey with you. I cannot wait to hear your input, tell me what you know about herbs, what are your favorite blends. I may call on you to suggest a blend when I’m feeling blue. Let’s build a community of tea lovers sharing love in each tea cup.

Join the Tea Revolution

Are you ready to embark on a tea adventure? It's time to embrace the world of tea and discover the joy it can bring to your life. Let's start by exploring different types of tea, experimenting with flavors, and finding your favorites. Journal how the tea makes you feel. Join tea communities, attend tea tastings, and share your love of tea with others. Come back here and let me know how it went. Let tea be more than just a beverage; let it be a passion that enriches your life.

Grab your favorite teacup, brew a steaming pot of tea, and let the magic unfold. Cheers to exploring the wonderful world of tea!

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