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Loving The Glow Tea

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Clear skin and a Cinnamon Kiss! Loving the Glow Tea was created with skin health in mind. Made with Alba Grade True Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Rose hips and Rooibos Tea this blend carries properties of lowing high blood pressure and a great source of Vitamin C. Each Single bag makes 1 Small Pot of Tea. With the proper skin cleaning routine and Loving the Glow Tea skin clearing properties, you may develop a selfie addiction.

- Promotes healthy glow

- Promotes healthy circulation

- Power packed with antioxidants

- Anti-Inflammatory

- Promotes bone health

- Acne treatment 

- Skin Warming Properties 

- Cognitive Health 

- Laxative Properties 

- Aids in lowering High Blood Pressure

- Aids in inducing appetite 

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