Lungwort Blend Tea

Lungwort Blend Tea

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Lungwort is known for the remarkable healing it provides for the lungs and upper respiratory system. Lungwort Blend is a combination of Lung Healthy Lungwort, Pau D' Arco, and Mullien Flower. You will enjoy every sip of this earthy blend, so here's to your health. Each Single Bag makes 1 Small Pot of Tea. 

- Respiratory Aid 

- Cough/ Cold/ Sore Throat/ Asthma Aid 

- Bronchial Detoxification 

- Fights Chest Cold

- Chronic Bronchitis Aid

- Clears Airway of mucus 

- Decreases Stomach Inflammation 

- Fights Bacterial and Fungal Infections 

- Blood Detox (Benefit for clearing Eczema as well)

- Allergy Treatment 

- Relieves Smokers Cough 

- Anti bacterial and Anti Fungal Properties 

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