Tea Bag Healing

My passion for tea evokes many questions from family and friends, but one I love answering is, "What can I do with the tea bag after I'm done with my tea?'

I love this question because there are many things to do with the herbs after enjoying your tea and I love to talk! Two things I encourage all to do with the herbs in tea bags after use are put those bags aside for beauty use and put those bags in your garden or empty the contents into your plant dirt. 

I use tea bags in my beauty routine when I am recovering from treating my skin like an accessory, about to treat my skin like an accessory, or just needing a quick get away to relax and hey why not improve the look and feel of my skin as well.

The 1st thing I've ever used tea bags for my other than drinking was for my eyes. I was a dramatic child and emotional as well so I woke up a lot of mornings with puffy eyes from crying. I would put warm tea bags on my eyes to elevate the swelling. My eyes would be softer, swelling would be down, and the radiance of my eyelids would be brilliant. Of all teas, the best results I've received have been from Green Tea and Black Tea. The antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties really come to the aid of your skin. Once you have consumed your tea, save your bags in the fridge. Once ready keep chilled (if more comfortable to warm that is fine) lay back relax and apply to closed eyelids. I also like applying green tea bag guts to my face before heavy makeup and definitely after. This clears my pores of the damage I've committed and supplies antioxidants to balance free radicals that are sent to do you harm.

Tea is also great for healing small scraps and sunburn. Again you can store used tea bags in the fridge until use or store unused teabags in 1st aid kit. I've also experienced its healing with mosquito bites. Takes the sting and itch away while smoothing away swelling.

Now for my plant friends tea is great for their growth and healing as well. The tea in the used tea bags repel insects and provides plant food to promote healthy life for your plant friend. Some place the tea bags directly in the ground of their gardens or the plant pot homes of their indoor and outdoor plant friends, I choose to cut tea bags open and place directly on top of dirt or if I have collected a lot of bags I will mix the lot of the tea bag guts with the dirt to evenly spread tea healing. I will be trying a method I saw on line where you just place seeds in the cut open tea bags water and once the little babies sprout place them in their new home. 

Now as I said before I could go on and on about the healing properties of tea and its many uses but I got to go. I'm brewing great new products that that are sure to heal and satisfy your taste buds.


Please comment below with how you reuse your tea bags.

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