Tea Table Discussions: Journaling, the focus to complete

When I was younger, I had many journals. Being who I Am, I would start these journals and diaries and not get a chance to finish. My family would move and they would be lost among the forgotten, a teacher stole one full of poems in the ninth grade, I’d get easily distracted into starting another. But no matter what, I wrote. There came a time I just stopped. At times, throughout the years, I’d write, start a journal but still, never finish. I’m starting a new goal. To journal and fill a whole book from start to finish with my thoughts, ideas, issues of the day, desires of my heart. This goal came about in a dream last night, I looked upon my wall and saw volumes of books, from start to finish, by me. 


Do you journal? Have you completed a full book? Do you get side tracked as I do at times? Have you written a published book? Let’s discuss. 

suggested blend: Gingko Hibiscus Tea

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