Lavender Dream Tea

Lavender Dream Tea

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Arguably the best blend! Join the many of my clients that call this their favorite NaTasha's Tea Blend. 

Inhale the aroma deep inside and feel the relaxation all over. Chamomile, Lavender, and Lemon Balm come together to offer you those relaxing moments of calm needed every day. Each Bag makes 1 Small Pot of tea, The aroma may have you halfway dreaming well before the pot is finished. That's ok, store in the fridge for your next scheduled Lavender Dream.

- Antidepressant Properties 

- Calming aromatherapy effect

- Nausea/ Motion Sickness relief

- Indigestion Relief

- Menstrual Symptom Relief 

- Aids in loss of appetite

- Toothache aid

- Soothes stomach ulcers  

- Immune System boost 

- Promotes eye health 

- Insomnia/ Sleep Aid 

- Aids with loss of appetite 

- Stomach Cramp Relief 

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