Chamomile Lavender Tea Bath Bag

Chamomile Lavender Tea Bath Bag

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Chamomile, Lemon balm, Lavender...literal floral, herbal bliss... The stress relief of Lemon Balm...aiding a restful sleep....the floral aromatherapy of lavender...healing any cuts and scrapes...the skin smoothing effects of chamomile...melting the day....


- Aromatherapy

- Skin health

- Soothes rash/ eczema/ small cuts and scrapes

- Stress Relief 

- Insomnia/ Sleep aid 

- Aids in preventing cell mutation 

- Reduces Pain and swelling 

- Reduces muscle spasms

- Relief from Bug bites and stings


*May Also be used as a mouth wash or gargle for inflammations of mouth or throat.

*Can be used as a Poultice for sore nipples, hemorrhoids, varicose ulcers, and genital inflammations.