Green Ginger Rose Tea Bath Bag

Green Ginger Rose Tea Bath Bag

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Combing the detoxing power of Green Tea, Ginger, Rose Hip, and Rose Petals to soothe the skin, Green Ginger Rose Tea Bath is understandably my most requested tea bath. Not only a refreshing skin soother, this blend provides deeper healing and relaxation. 

Add Magnesium to your bath. Magnesium baths are great for sensitive skin, aids in healing wounds, improves sleep, improves circulation, headache relief, calms stress/anxiety, and aids in upper respiratory ailments. Boost your bath with magnesium care.

- Release toxins from skin

- Antioxidant Rich

- Relieves body aches

- Aids in healing minor cuts, scrapes, and burns

- Vitamin A, B, C

- Aromatherapy Properties

- Asthma Aid 

- Spasm Relief 


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