Red Clover Flower Tea

Red Clover Flower Tea

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Red Clover Floral Tea is a sweet full flavored tea. This tea is a staple in women's health and aids in many upper respiratory issues. Enjoy as tea or open bag and add to soup or salad. This edible flower has so many health benefits and such a delight to sip. Each Single bag makes 1 Small Pot of Tea. 

- Anti Cancer  

- Respiratory Aid 

  • Bacterial Infection Aid 
  • Viral Infection Aid 
  • Cough Aid 
  • Bronchitis/ Asthma/ Whooping Cough Aid 
  • Eliminates inflammation in Lungs

- Estrogen Like Properties

- PMS/Menopause Aid

- Eliminates Heat flashes  

- Calms Rheumatoid arthritis

- Aid for internal effects of eczema

- Blood Purifier  

- Psoriasis Treatment

- Eases Muscle Spasms 

- Kidney and liver aid

- Immune system 

- Appetite Suppresser 

- Source of Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamins B3, C, and E.

- Flowers are edible and can be placed in soup or salad

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