Rise and Shine 'Til I Lay Me Down Box Set

Rise and Shine 'Til I Lay Me Down Box Set

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Your Box for a complete 7 days of tea healing!

Rise Each morning with Sunrise Tea, opening up your senses and getting our mind and body ready for the day. Step into a shower of Eucalyptus Bliss with a Eucalyptus Shower Bag releasing Upper Respiratory Healing to get you through your day.

When your day has come to an end and you are ready to settle in for the night, enjoy Passionate Sleep Tea while relaxing in a Passionate Sleep Tea Bath. Relax the tension in your muscles and melt away the stress of the day getting your body ready for a night of complete rest.  

Add Magnesium to your bath. Magnesium baths are great for sensitive skin, aids in healing wounds, improves sleep, improves circulation, headache relief, calms stress/anxiety, and aids in upper respiratory ailments. Boost your bath with magnesium care.


- Sunrise Tea 7 Bag Pack 

  • Sunrise is a perfect blend of Ginger and Lemon with the floral accent of Lavender just like a perfect Sunrise! Enjoy this tea in the morning or throughout the day as a pleasant pick me up. 

- 2 Eucalyptus Shower Bags

  • Eucalyptus Shower bags are Huge Tea Bags Full of Eucalyptus Leaves. Wet Bag and hang on your shower head (or on your shower mount if you have a removable shower head). As you shower the hot water assists in releasing the healing properties of an eucalyptus atmosphere in your shower.

- Passionate Sleep Tea 7 Bag Pack 

  • Passionate Sleep is a lovely blend of Organic Passion Flower, Hibiscus, Lavender, Chamomile and Egyptian Rose buds. This bouquet will sing you a lullaby of peace, tranquility and beauty.

- 3 Passionate Sleep Tea Baths 

  • Passionate Sleep is such a relaxing blend you want to bathe in it! Well here is your chance. End your days in a floral bath of healing and relaxation with Passionate Sleep Tea Baths!