Floral Teas: Health and Beauty in a cup

High Blood Pressure, influenza, constipation, mucus, toxins in system, and diabetes are all ailments whom are all treated with flowers! Lavender, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Passion Flower, and Mullein Flower are not only beautiful flowers, they are also some of the best healers of various ailments. Yes. The flowers growing in your yard and found in stores could be the healing you need!

Lavender has been used all over the world to calm headaches, treat insomnia, and improve respiratory health. The anti-inflammatory properties in lavender make it ideal to be a digestion aid and muscle relaxer. Lavender is a triple threat to anxiety as it is visually stimulating in physical form, lavender is a featured aroma in any aroma therapy set, and drinking in tea form helps with nervousness and improves concentration. Lavender is heavily floral in my opinion. If you like to sit in a lavender field and taste what you are smelling, lavender tea is great for you! I usually add lavender to a blend like Lavender Dream or Sunrise as the taste is a little too floral for me.

If you are searching for similar relaxation and sleep benefits as Lavender without a strong floral taste, Chamomile is the tea for you! Chamomile has been spotted everywhere from Coffee houses, the break room at work, and in 2 Chainz cup. Everyone respects the relaxing vibes of Chamomile but it goes further than that. Chamomile is packed with antioxidants that aid in healing skin conditions like eczema and acne, it even reverses the signs of wrinkles. It is a great digestive aid and its anti-inflammatory properties may lower high blood pressure. Chamomile is choice for me as it's taste is light and refreshing. Steeping longer amounts of time will produce a stronger taste.

 A flower that produces a strong taste and color is Hibiscus. Hibiscus produces a bitter red tea that lowers blood pressure. The hibiscus flowers tea is rich in Vitamin C, is said to reduce Cholesterol, and is present in studies aiming to Prevent Alzheimer's disease.  For women, Hibiscus eases menstrual cramps and lightens mood and for men hibiscus is a treatment for erectile dysfunction and aids in heart health. This red tea combined with iron rich herbs makes a tasty heart healthy elixir.   

Passion flower tea is a great brain tea relieving anxiety and depression, is a treatment for insomnia, and has been used by the ancients as a pain reliever. But the passion of this plant does not stop there. Passion flower is great for bone health, balances your nervous system (used to treat Parkinson's Disease) , and relieves menopause symptoms. This is a great add in when you are setting your mind on relaxation. I recommend this tea for soothing hard days, for better restful sleep, and while you are quitting smoking or changing diet. 

Mullein Flower tea is made of the papery mullein flower used to treat your lungs with love and care. Mullein Flower has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for healing damage caused to lungs from smoking or just everyday smog and soot. Mullein Flower is used to treat all manner of lung disorders from asthma to tuberculosis.  This flower is very airy and light just as its taste is. I would recommend using it as a silent partner to another tea, fusing its healing power with whatever host you choose. Would be a great added addition to Chamomile… hmmmmm.

Adding flowers to your tea is a great benefit to your health and a pleasant way of taking nature within yourself and seeing it reflected in your health.

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