Ginger? Yes Please!

Sitting outside meditating while the sun wakes up this side of the world, I sip on my ginger tea and focus on it's many healthy benefits. Ginger is a versatile health agent that should be consumed as much as possible. Thinking of consuming ginger everyday can be overwhelming but don’t fret with it's many uses its easy to include. Ginger is great for cooking, as a healthy ingredient in beverages, and its oil form has a range of benefits.

If you have ever been to a sushi restaurant you have probably consumed the added ginger provided with your food. If you have great! Ginger is important with raw foods like fish or beef as it helps build bacteria in gut that helps fight for your health. With the ability to kill parasites ginger is the ideal digestive aid. Gingerbread and gingerbread cookies have been enjoyed mostly in winter time around Thanksgiving and Christmas here in the US. Gingerbread homes are crafted by families and the cookies are even used as ornaments for Christmas trees or left out for Santa. With the healing ginger provides you may want to snatch a cookie from Santa or take the roof off of your little ginger cottage, remove the pounds of sugar added for decoration and enjoy. This will assist your digestive system while consuming the heavy meals of the holidays.

It has been proven that warm ginger water or ginger tea to break your fast in the morning upon waking enhances health with its anti-inflammatory properties. I am a huge fan of ginger in the morning as it gets my body ready for the digestion of the day. I am able to focus on better health options throughout the day as I have consciously set my day on a path to healing. I usually follow my  morning ginger tea with water continuing my quest for a healthy digestive system. Ginger Teas,

Ginger Ales, and Ginger lemonade will provide you with the digestive healing you require throughout your day aiding in upset stomach and nausea. The night life also provides us with ginger options. Going out on the town and think there is no way to get ginger? Moscow mules, Ginger mojitos, and Ginger beer are great alcoholic choices to gain ginger intake. Ginger beer is not be confused with ginger ale as ginger beer is made with active dry yeast as ginger ale has no yeast but don't let that fool you. Ginger beers health benefits still reign true as it has been used to treat colorectal

cancer as well as healthy saliva development and flow.

A commonly overlooked form of ginger is in oil form. Ginger oil is anti-bacterial and Red Ginger is anti-fungal. The oil can be used to cook with (verify its not an essential oil with added chemicals), to treat athletes food (red ginger), or clean open wounds. Ginger oil provides comfort and healing to burns, cuts, scrapes and bruises as well. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduces swelling and allows proper blood flow to the affected area. Ginger oil is a hair miracle! The oil moisturizes scalp riding it of dandruff and stimulating the scalp to promote healthy, shiny hair growth. But don't stop

there! Ginger oils anti bacterial properties are a huge hit with those whom formally had to fight acne. I say formally as ginger oil has provided a lot of people with a clear healthy glow ridding them of acne and the scars left behind.

Ginger can assist you with a multitude of healing if you let it. Go to your local farmers market, raid your moms fridge, or consult your favorite oil maker and get that ginger! Trust me when you see the results you will be singing gingers praises as well!

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