Golden Milk Tea

Golden Milk Tea

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Golden Milk Tea is my version of one of my Favorites, Turmeric Milk! Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black Pepper, whole cloves, Ginger, Coconut, fenugreek, and the "golden healing of Turmeric are brought together for a boost in digestive health accompanied by a warm golden hug of spice. 

What's so special about this blend? This blend can be brewed in your choice of milk or water! Add a spicy boost to your day with Golden Milk Tea or brew in your choice of milk with a splash of water for a warm creamy Golden pause. Each bag makes 1 Small Pot of Tea.

- Digestive Aid

- Cognitive Health Properties

- Stimulates Bile Production 

- Antioxidant Properties

- Cholesterol Aid

- Aids with loss of appetite

- Upper Respiratory/ Asthma Aid

- Flatulence Aid 

- Aphrodisiac Properties

- Oral Health 

- Heart Health 

- Lubricates Intestine

- Nausea/ Vomit Aid 

- Immune System Boost

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