Tea Table Discussions: Does Tea help with optimism?

Times when I am unsure of myself or I feel all is lost, I force myself to get up and make Tea. After my tea ritual, after I have centered myself, after my tea cup is empty, I realize I'm calm and my optimism has increased. What is it about the tea that produces this outcome? The herbs? The feeling of consuming a warm cup of tea? The stopping of time to gather myself and focus on my intentions? Maybe a combination. 

Do you find tea helps you become more optimistic in hard times? Do you have a tea ritual that assists you in centering and changing your mindset to a positive outlook? Do you have a "calming tea" you go to? What are your thoughts? Let's discuss over a cup of Pineapple Clove Green Tea, one of my go to blends for an optimistic look at life.

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