Rhubarb Root Tea

Rhubarb Root Tea

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Rhubarb Root Tea is a very earthy tonic that provides relief inside and out. Drink as a tea for digestive aid or menopause aid or a poultice for abscesses, wounds and cuts. I enjoy rhubarb root tea to detox gut build up and to prepare for a detoxing fast. Add cinnamon to sweeten the taste and add healing to your cup.

- Digestive aid

- Prevent Stomach Acidity 

- Menopause Aid

- Lessens Heat Flashes due to menopause

- Constipation Aid  

- Eliminates Worms 

- Aids in Liver, Colon, Spleen Health 

- Promotes healing of ulcers 

- Gallbladder aid 

- Antibiotic properties