Lil' Tea Times

Ever been asked to join the tea party of a little kid? You show up or are dragged to the table on time. You are probably surrounded by a variety of friends from stuffed bears, Barbie's, and some action hero's. Your host is probably in a nice, fancy collage of fantasy clothing that shames anyone at the Met Gala. You are being introduced to the table when you lift your tea cup and you are subjected to tap water or worst, Imaginary Water.

Don’t leave. Don’t walk out on your host. Don’t text your friends to never come to this shabby establishment! Just suggest a healthy brew. There are a range of herbs and roots that are very good for children. Although I would not suggest giving an infant or baby under 2 years old any herb, root, select fruits or flowers without consulting your child care representative I would suggest providing your little ones with the healing that is provided in teas.

Tea times have been simulated by our little ones since they have watched us from the beginning of tea history. You will look around and see your little ones setting up little make believe cups and saucers and blowing cool hot steaming cups of invisible green tea picked with care from the region of  Uva.

Pick up the energy and mood of your next tea time with your little one. Select simple herbs, or fruits that are fragrant and tasty.  This is a great way to provide healing to little ones not feeling well, Calm children who may have had too many sugar snacks, or boost the confidence of your little ones while demonstrating the importance of health and wellness.

When your little one is not felling well Peppermint Tea is a great selection. Peppermint boosts immune system health aiding in the fight on colds and congestion. Peppermint tea also aids in mind clarity for children. A nice little tea time prior to learning will be ideal for your child's focus. Pineapple Tea is also a great antioxidant rich health aid when it comes to the cold. Simply steep pineapples in hot water, cool and enjoy. They will even enjoy eating the pineapple when done.

We have all been with children when they are at then end of their rope and are threatened with falling into a volcano of perfect rest. Suggest a tea time! Once you have your little one on board select Chamomile tea. This will relax and calm your little one and you may get a great nap time in or at least pull the "Lets Watch a Disney Movie" Trick. Another great relaxing tea would be Lavender. Your little one will love the smell, inhaling the calming relaxation with each breath. Then  you can pull the Disney movie card.

All jokes aside what tea time with our little ones can provide is a boost in confidence and a stronger bond. Little ones always remember special times when they felt responsible and grown up with their best giant friend, you. Showing them the steps in preparing the tea, only with your guidance, creates a "meeting time" that is expected once taught, a responsibility that makes them feel important and allows you to realize this is what will shape their lives. They will want more time like this, learning to prepare real tea with you. They will feel what tea time is all about at that age, magic.



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