Rosemary Hair Rinses, Treat Yourself

If your looking for a natural remedy for hair growth, healthy shine and a clean healthy scalp, Rosemary is a proven aid. Rosemary's anti inflammatory properties activate hair growth by promoting proper blood circulation. Proper blood circulation is important as new healthy blood cells are able to grow and thrive. When our aim is to have a healthy scalp for proper hair growth it is very important we are using Natural Organic Ingredients as to not reverse what we desire to accomplish. It is important to verify ingredients are organic and not lab processed and created. Using ingredients in its most natural form without preservatives and added dyes and alcohols. Here at NaTasha's Teas all ingredients are hand grown by me or hand selected by Organic Growers with your healing in mind. The hair rinses you will find in the NaTasha's Teas Menu have all been created to provide the best results for all hair types and colors. These rinses are so healthy they are great to use every time you shampoo or just for extra shine between washes. I have also created rinses that are designed to assist in the healing of minor ailments such as cold and flu (Rosemary Ginger Clove), healing minor cuts and scrapes of the scalp with anti bacterial properties (Rosemary Lavender Thyme), and relieve the itching and painful symptoms of eczema and psoriasis (Rosemary Coconut Clove).

Rosemary rinses are also known to soften hair revealing its natural healthy shine. By adding additional natural organic hair softeners like rose petals, rose hip, or coconut you are sure to reach your desired healthy hair goals in less time. A new hair rinse due to release June 7th is ideal to add softness and shine! The combination of Rosemary, Coconut, and Aloe oils released in the boiling process of the tea aid in moisturizing your hair from root to tip. This blend is also ideal for sunburn of the scalp. We sometimes fail to realize the sensitivity of our scalp. We scratch too hard, we pull our hair too tight, we neglect to moisturize after shampoos. It’s time to treat your scalp better. Providing yourself this level of self care is the only way to promote the natural growth and shine of your hair.  


One Bag of NaTasha's Teas Hair Rinse Makes 1 gallon of Hair Rinse


You will need:

1 Gallon of Purified or Distilled Water

1 Tea Bag of NaTasha's Teas Hair Rinse

1 Large Pot

1 Gallon container for chilling of Hair Rinse



Place Water and Tea Bag in Pot and bring to full Boil.

Allow to boil for 5 Minutes then turn burner down to Medium Heat.

Allow to Steep for 20 Minutes.

Remove from Stove

Place Water with Tea Bag in Cooling Container and allow to cool completely.


After Shampoo/ For a healthy hair pick me up

Make sure all products have been rinsed completely from hair.

Rinse hair with NaTasha's Tea Hair Rinse and massage into scalp and hair.

Allow to air dry, rinse with cool clean water, or blow dry no heat.

I recommend for light colored hair (blonde, pastel color, strawberry blonde) to rinse with cool water after up to 15 minutes as Rosemary is known to darken hair