Tea Baths: Healing Inside and Out

Ever have a cup of tea so warm, so satisfying that you wanted to climb inside? Well next time go! Well in a bath anyway. I first discovered tea baths after I had my son and I needed an inexpensive escape, a spa retreat with just me. I started with green tea and rose petals then orange slices and bay leaves. I felt rejuvenated, more flexible, more at peace with everything that was happening at the time. I wondered why this was not a thing? Why at the time everyone was focused on bath salts with chemicals and not natural tea baths. While looking up other forms or types of tea baths I noticed everyone had been taking tea baths! Why isn't this one of the first remedies for colds, tension, dry skin? Humans have been using tea baths for hundreds and hundreds of years.

When I started to investigate all aliments that tea baths relieve or heal completely I fell more in love with tea! From lowering blood pressure, to promoting skin health and glow. From clearing synesis to healing wounds as tea promotes healthy skin cells. The healing I've received by drinking tea everyday and tea baths almost everyday is phenomenal. I've chased away colds with mixtures of herbs and berries in my baths, muscle pain with mixtures of herbs and peppercorn, even chased away bad feelings of someone or something with relaxing in peppermint leaves and sea salt. 

To get started with my bath I focus on the intention of the bath what am I healing? am I just relaxing? do I want to be more intimate with my partner? This helps me pick the best herbs, roots, fruits or flowers for my tea bath. I then boil a huge pot of water and add my tea blend. While water boils and tea steeps I am setting up my area. I am lighting candles, smudging, listening to healing tones, setting up my plant friends to have this time as well, setting up a place for my dog to be comfortable and not request a pee date while I'm in self care mode, and finally turning off or muting my cell phone. I don't even allow it in the bathroom most times. This is my time to get away from emails, tweets, messenger, games, ect. Once my tea is ready I pour into bath and refill pot and with the reused bag making another pot. I feel this is where the best tea is in the second pot. Then pour this in. VERY IMPORTANT!! I know we all know what fire and hot water does but you have to warn some. Please test the temperature of the water. Even if you do not see steam rise from your water TEST IT! If you are a little nervous to put your hand or foot in, place the corner of a towel in the water and touch the towel. Once water is satisfactory and there is no promise that a cannibal will happen upon you and have the best human soup ever, step in and enjoy!

Tea Baths are very beneficial to our health and mental well being and with this in mind I am releasing a Collection of Tea Baths for your enjoyment on March 7th! Tea Bags for bath will be available in big reusable tea bags. Easy for after work, workout, or healing session and filled with healing and relaxation! I cant wait for you to experience the healing relaxation in every bag!