Garlic - Allium Sativum

Garlic is one of my favorite herbs as I truly believe it kept me free from illness when I was a child. Growing as a small child in New Jersey, my nana would make sure we had a teaspoon of garlic every night no matter what she was dealing with. I have never had the flu; I never had a major sickness as a child ither. I still to this day make sure I have garlic in home and in hand if I encounter someone who is not well. It is a major assistant in calming inflammation, lowering cholesterol, and a staple in my Elderberry Blend Tea.

The botanical name for Garlic is Allium Sativum. The part of the plant most are common with is the bulb. This is the bulbus growth above the roots that grows underground. Above ground the Stem, Leaves, and Scape (the part of the plant that curls up ending in a oval bulb and beak) are all edible as well but are not as common as the Cloves of the Bulbs. I do not think I have ever seen this part of the Garlic plant sold in grocery stores or holistic healing stores which is a shame as it is full of nutrients. This is where you will find natural calcium, Vitamin C, and the ability to lower high cholesterol. The garlic plant can be stored in fridge for use for stir-fry, soups, or to roast. You can also place in your discarded veggie bag in the freezer to make veggie broth later.

Garlic is antibacterial, antifungal, and anthelmintic (fights pinworms). These properties make it great herb for bacterial and fungal infections of the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, and genitourinary tract. If you are searching for a digestive aid, an herb that will treat your upper respiratory infections, and the treatment of cystitis then garlic may be for you. Trailing off the bodily tracts, garlic also aids your heart in many ways. Lowering Cholesterol, clearing blockage of arteries, and reducing triglycerides allows our hearts to pump clean and clear making sure your blood circulates all over your body. A healthy heart also impowers our intentions in completing goals and what we wish to accomplish in life. We love ourselves and those around us more and with passion. For your heart, garlic is your friend. Garlic may also assist with clearing some species of candida. Candida is a yeast found in skin, intestine, or mucus membranes. When found in mucus membranes and oral cavity, it is commonly known as thrush or oropharyngeal candidiasis. In mouth washes, garlic fights bacteria that will stop your mouth from naturally healing as it constantly does. The power you have in your mouth to heal oral wounds, cuts, and diseases is astounding and leads you further to take care of your mouth. Candida overgrowth in intestine can be detected in stool.   When Candida is found in the vagina, it is called a yeast infection. Consuming Garlic tea is beneficial to internal growths of candida. Select a blend like Sunrise Tea, Black Star Tea, Elderberry Blend, or Cucumber Ginger Lemon Tea.

Externally, garlics topical properties are phenomenal. Garlic is added to foot soaks to fight fungi and bacteria that could cause furthermore concerning health issues. Toe fungi or onychomycosis is one of the most common foot fungi. Detected by a white, brown, or yellow discoloration of the nails, if left untreated, toe fungi may spread to skin and become athletes’ foot. If you have ever suffered from athletes’ foot or toe fungi, you know that relief is a major priority. It is very important that you are advised that garlic may have a negative effect on your skin and feet if you neglect to adhere to the time you are using it. You DO NOT want to soak feet longer than 30 minutes each day. Going over 30 minutes may cause severe burns or blisters on skin or make the symptoms of toe and foot fungi worst. I know the side effects of fungi may be uncomfortable but thinking more time or a huge amount of garlic will gain you relief fast will cause more discomfort and worst health issues. Respect the herb, respect yourself. A great foot soak to assist with killing toe and foot fungi is Garlic, Olive Leaf and Oregano. Follow up with massaging Tea Tree oil into feet and nails. Tea tree oil and Oregano oil will continue to fight the fungi and keep your skin nourished.

Garlic is added to hair rinses as it aids in the healing of open wounds, deep scratches, or bacteria and fungi such as tinea capitis that halt the growth of healthy hair. Tinea Capitis or scalp ringworm is spread by using infected combs, sharing a hat with an infected person, or sleeping on the pillow of an infected person. It is commonly the reason why children are infected. Left untreated the effected site will create spores and spread over the head or over another scalp spreading to another host. Tea Hair Rinses like Rosemary Ginger Clove with added Garlic or Rosemary Lavender Thyme with added Garlic will assist your goal of clearing scalp ringworm.

Are you in love with Garlic yet? I hope so. Continue your research on garlic and all the benefits it provides. Try garlic in your cooking and in your teas to feel the benefits of Garlic deep down.


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