Black Orange Tea Bath Bag

Black Orange Tea Bath Bag

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

Black Tea with Dried Orange Peel unravels your tension, readying your body to receive a soothing energy boost. Black Tea is known to reverse the signs of aging and with the Vitamin C and E provided by the aroma bursting orange peel you may have found your favorite tea bath blend.

Add Magnesium to your bath. Magnesium baths are great for sensitive skin, aids in healing wounds, improves sleep, improves circulation, headache relief, calms stress/anxiety, and aids in upper respiratory ailments. Boost your bath with magnesium care.

- Stops Foot Odor

- Fast healing of small scrapes and wounds 

- Immune system boost

- Soothes poison ivy rash

- Energy Boost

- Detox Skin

- Even Skin Tone

- Soothes sunburn

- Aromatherapy