Cinnamon Roll Tea

Cinnamon Roll Tea

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费

Cinnamon Roll Tea blends the "bread like" taste of Burdock Root and comforting Cinnamon to satisfy your pastry cravings. Whether your are maintaining your weight, detoxing, or washing down your favorite macarons Cinnamon Roll is sure to become a favorite. Each bag makes 1 Small pot of tea that you do not have to guilty about. 

- Weight loss aid

- Lower Blood Pressure 

- Immune System Boost

- Aids in Cognitive Health 

- Cancer Fighting Properties

- Clears Mucus

- Detox lymphatic system

- Stress Relief

- Anti-inflammatory properties  

- Natural pain reliever 

- Blood Detox 

- Psoriasis Aid


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