Cinnamon Rose Hibiscus Tea Bath Bag

Cinnamon Rose Hibiscus Tea Bath Bag

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Turn your bath into a cinnamon fountain of youth. Cinnamon, Rose Hip, Rose petal and Hibiscus detox and aid your skin into ideal health. This aroma therapeutic blend will tantalize the senses into complete relaxation.

Add Magnesium to your bath. Magnesium baths are great for sensitive skin, aids in healing wounds, improves sleep, improves circulation, headache relief, calms stress/anxiety, and aids in upper respiratory ailments. Boost your bath with magnesium care.

- Rebuilds elasticity in skin

- Promotes proper circulation in skin

- Aids in moisturizing dry patches

- Adds rose petal softness to skin

- Essential fatty acids to assist in skin health

- Reduce damage from UV rays 

- Reduce wrinkles 

- Treats acne