Eucalyptus Leaf Tea 12 Bag Pack

Eucalyptus Leaf Tea 12 Bag Pack


Shock your senses and immune system with healing! Eucalyptus leaf tea is a great healing option for upper respiratory issues. With the cold and flu season coming this blend will be a welcomed relief.

- Clears Mucus / Decongestant 

- Relives sore throat

- Treatment for Bronchitis

- Reduces dental plaque/ bad breath

- Headache relief   

- Treats cold and flu symptoms 

- Cleanse and detox lungs 

- Aromatherapy/ Stress Relief 

- Mild Antiseptic

- Relaxes sore muscles

*May Also be used as a mouth wash or gargle for inflammations of mouth or throat.

*May be used as as astringent. Also great in your bath or rinse over hair and scalp.