Hyssop Tea

Hyssop Tea


Hyssop tea is a floral tea with a green earthy taste. Used as an upper respiratory aid, this beautiful flower is also used to aid with fatigue. With each bag making 1 small pot of tea, share the health! 

- Anti inflammatory Properties

- Upper Respiratory Aid 

  • Cold and cough
  • laryngitis 
  • tracheitis 
  • bronchial asthma 

- Gastrointestinal Tract Aid

  • Loss of appetite 
  • impaired digestion
  • gas
  • minor cramps 
  • minor diarrhea

- Hypotension Aid 

- Aids in fatigue 

- Muscle Tension

- Aids in healing wounds during recuperation 


Externally used as:

-gargle for sore throat or hoarseness 

-poultice for bruises 

-wash for inflammations of skin and fast healing of minor open wounds